Ages 6 weeks - 5 years

From the Director

Welcome to the First Baptist Christian School Early Education Program!

Our desire is to provide a loving, safe and Christ-centered environment. Our Early Education teachers are equipped to guide your child on their spiritual and developmental journey. As an Early Educator and parent, I understand the importance in choosing the best education for your child. We are privileged that you would consider us.


Our main focus is to prepare your child for Kindergarten and beyond. We use engaging curriculum, weekly music lessons, Chapel time, Bible lessons, fun activities and events throughout the year to prepare your child for their next step.


I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our wonderful program.



Mrs. Laurie Best


  • Infants

    From the start, your child will be loved and nurtured in a safe, warm, and caring environment. Our teachers give plenty of one on one attention to each child, making their classroom feel just like home. Even our youngest students are given opportunities to learn and discover their world as well as God's word. Our infant room cares for children as young as six weeks of age.

  • Toddlers

    Once they're on the move, your little one will make their way into our toddler room. In the same area as the infant room, a familiar setting helps them transition into a more structured, learning-led environment. Our toddler teachers incorporate music & movement, dramatic play, reading, and science into their daily routine to make every moment a teachable one. 

  • Transitional Twos

    Our Transitional Twos class is here to help with one of the biggest steps in a child's early life - potty training! A low teacher-to-child ratio makes sure that each student gets the help, support, and attention needed to be successful. This class is also designed to introduce children to the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.

  • Three Year Olds

    At FBCS, three year olds are truly "big kids"! In this classroom, an even greater emphasis is placed on structured learning. Both Handwriting Without Tears and Pathways to Preschool are utilized daily to lay a strong foundation of phonics and handwriting skills. Our current teacher in this class even introduces students to Spanish by incorporating it into every day lessons such as calendar time, music, art, and reading.  

  • Pre-K (Ages 4-5)

    In Pre-K, Kindergarten readiness is the ultimate goal. At FBCS, Pre-K classrooms follow a defined instructional schedule.  Our curriculum, Handwriting Without TearsFootsteps for Fours, and Walking With God and His People, focuses on phonics, writing, science, and Bible. Each month, our Pre-K students also visit the FBCS library for story time with our librarian and to check out books to enjoy in their classrooms. 


Because their minds are quickly developing and they are excited to explore, the first years of a child's life are the best times to introduce them to new skills and concepts. The FBCS Early Education department utilizes Bob Jones University (BJU) Press curriculum. Students are given a well-rounded education that introduces a variety of concepts such as colors and shapes, letters, social skills, phonics, and more. 

In addition, children in our Early Education Department also learn proper early writing skills thanks to  Handwriting Without Tears. This curriculum teaches correct placement and direction of letters as well as proper formation. By Kindergarten, many of our students are ready

to write at or above their age appropriate skill level.

Music Enrichment

Both music and rhythmic movement are key in early childhood development, helping  coordination, gross and fine motor skills, memory skills, and more. FBCS is proud to offer a robust music program in all areas of our Early Education Department. From Infants all the way through Pre-K, each classroom has scheduled music time with our talented and engaging music teacher. The kids love to sing, dance, and worship and they look forward to music every week. 

STREAM / Literacy

Today, the STEAM education model (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) is highly prioritized for its wholistic approach to subject matter. Because we know that a biblical worldview is the key to a truly whole and correct education, STEAM becomes STREAM at FBCS with the addition of "Religious Training". At the preschool level, children are exposed to the basics of the STREAM subjects through activities as simple as building with Lego, or watching caterpillars grow into butterflies.
In everything they do, our students are taught that God has given us our abilities to think, build, create, and observe, and that His creation has been specially designed to reflect His glory.

In addition to STREAM education, FBCS places a high priority on early childhood literacy. Teachers also utilize a large collection of STREAM & Literacy kits, which incorporate themed books, activities, and manipulatives to teach about many different topics.