About Us

First Baptist Christian School was founded in 2004 with the purpose of educating, training, and nurturing students, both spiritually and academically, with a biblical worldview. FBCS not only "covers the basics" by providing a rigorous in-class academic experience but allows students to explore and develop other gifts and talents through extracurricular options such as drama and athletics. In addition to learning on campus, students interact with and learn from their community while also giving back. Outreach and community service projects conducted in cooperation with local ministries give our students a compassion and desire to better the Stockton community and share Christ's love with all people. 

Our Mission

The mission of First Baptist Christian School is simple - to love God, teach truth, and serve others for God's glory. At every stage and in every subject, students are educated in a biblical worldview which equips them to engage and impact the world as Christ would. 

Come Visit Us

FBCS is located in Stockton at the corner of Alpine Avenue and North El Dorado Street. Conveniently situated near downtown Stockton, easily accessible from Lodi, and close to both Interstate 5 and Highway 99 for parents who might have longer work commutes. 

We invite you to come visit us!

Our Church Family

First Baptist Christian School is a ministry of First Baptist Church. For over 100 years, First Baptist has been faithfully serving the Stockton community and leading its residents to Christ through Sunday services, Bible studies, local outreach, missions, and more. 

FBC Stockton offers two Sunday worship services at 8:00 and 10:00 AM. In addition, several ministries and Bible studies meet during the week. 

 If you're looking for a church family, click here for more information about FBC Stockton.

To learn more about FBC's Children's Ministries, including AWANA, click here or email the Children's Ministry office.