From the Principal

Welcome to First Baptist Christian School

I’m so glad that you are considering Christian education for your family. 

For many believers in today’s world, the foundational importance of a Christian education and its focus on teaching a Christ-centered worldview has faded, replaced by greater desire for high academic achievement. As society and culture continue to tout the merits of secular curricula and the superiority of public schools in amenities and opportunities, more people begin to believe that a truly complete and valid educational experience cannot be found in private Christian school. However, I firmly believe that the pursuit of God and education are not mutually exclusive. Not only can the Christian school environment provide rigorous academics and opportunities for social growth, it should. Because God is the author of all knowledge and wisdom, His truth must be at the center of academic education and everyday life. In fact, it must be said that apart from God’s truth, any education, no matter how rigorous, multifaceted, or otherwise well regarded, is inadequate and incomplete. At FBCS, we are committed to teaching every academic subject from a biblical world view in order to best prepare and equip our students to be leaders who engage their world, bringing hope and light wherever God calls them to work and live. As you prayerfully consider what educational choices you will make on behalf of your child, I ask that you be mindful of the benefits of Christian education, both present and eternal. 

It is my hope that would allow FBCS to partner with you in your child’s educational journey. 

In praise of our faithful God, 

Mrs. Bulleri

Early Education

First Baptist Christian School offers care for children as young as eighteen months of age through kindergarten. A warm, loving, and safe environment coupled with purposeful curriculum focused on phonics and biblical teaching helps children thrive. Early Education students at FBCS promote from our program socially, academically, and spiritually ready for elementary school! 

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